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Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Our half term took us to London and beyond, to stay with friends and see the sights. We took a stroll to Buckingham Palace, through St James Park, had lunch at Ed's Diner, some delicious street food in Portobello Road, and a visit to friends in Amersham where we had a couple of hours at the Roald Dahl museum and an evening spent celebrating a friends birthday.  


And even though we enjoy going away, and we do very much. In the words of Dorothy "there's no place like home" and as the sun shone it felt like we were on our holidays all over again, with visits to the beach with friends, barbecues, belly-boarding and evenings by the river.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Its been over a month since my last post and so to bring my blog up to date here is a brief synopsis of what has happened since. 

I finally turned 50, and we thought we needed to celebrate that, plus finishing treatment and getting over cancer last year, so I had a party at The Bronx Bar in Teignmouth. I invited friends from far and wide, and luckily with the second bout of snow forecast everyone made it, but by Sunday the snow was coming down thick and fast and delayed some getting home. Although I say it myself it was a great party and quite emotional realising how many friends I actually had!!

Although I've been celebrating, I have managed to keep making and that includes these cute up cycled Anorak fabric sleeveless, and short sleeve bunny dresses.

New oilcloth designs for the Bella Bags

and these cute bright animal print dresses 

and also having some fun making up these big tote bags with some left over pieces of vintage woven fabric.

So now to get myself back into work mode and to start getting my stock levels up for the fairs I've booked over the Summer. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


It was a bit of an Orla Kiely stem print kind of week. 

and a little bit of bird print too. 

Love this french banana fabric, has a bit of a pop art feel. 

Just when we thought Spring was on it's was along comes storm Emma, hitting the South West with strong winds and snow.

What a treat, thick snow. School was closed for two days. We  bought a sledge and headed into town, meeting up with friends and enjoying the snow. 

First milestone this week was my 50th birthday. Very happy to have reached 50. On reflection I've had a great 50 years, I've lived at 21 addresses in 11 different towns and cities, visited 13 countries, had 6 jobs, started my own business, married a wonderful man, had two beautiful daughters, lucky enough to have lots of amazing friends, and beat cancer twice. So, I'm really very happy to be 50

The second was finishing my cancer maintenance treatment. I've had 12 further Herceptin treatments since finishing my 6 initial chemotherapy sessions.  So after visiting this unit regularly for a year it was goodbye. Mixed emotions as I left, saying goodbye to the amazing, dedicated staff, but also hoping that I never have to come back through these doors. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Really enjoying making these paper garlands and bunting.  Always thinking of little pick up items to brighten up my stall, even bought a vintage suitcase to display them in 

95% of the fabrics I use are recycled. So when the dresses are made, and there are still little pieces left I use them up by making other little items, like this bunting or our doggy bandanas and bags. 

When I've made babies dribble bibs in the past, I was constantly being asked whether they were dog bandanas.....so I've made some M and L £5 My friends dog Casper seen in the photo proudly modelling one on the beach.

New Year dress making in full swing with some great new up cycled fabrics

Love this circus fabric. Tied in nicely with the film The Greatest Showman, which we recently went to see at the cinema, really enjoyed it!

And a new collection of big Orla Kiely using left of pieces of fabric.

and a range of up cycled Orla Kiely dresses 

the half term was a pretty quiet affair, lots of family time and walks on the beach. An afternoon spent watching Bella take part in the Exeter Dance Festival.  Now she is a teenager it is becoming more and more difficult to get her to pose for photo's so I have to capture her mostly while she's not looking.

lovely misty walk on the beach the fog was so thick and the air so calm it was very surreal. Good time to wear your orange coat Mabel.

Sun out and Spring in the air (maybe)

Friday, 26 January 2018


Happy New Year everyone, and let's hope it's slightly better than last year. We recently went to London for a couple of days on our own after the Christmas madness. Almost a year to the day, we arrived in London having just found out that I would have to have chemotherapy for breast cancer, the trip had been booked and under much deliberation on my part we decided to go.  One year on, and all done with the cancer thing we had a very much more relaxed and enjoyable time.

We stayed in the The Hub (part of the Premier Inn Group) - they're cheap, small but clean and in really central locations, we stayed in Brick Lane - I would highly recommend them.

Admiring the East London street art.

Found a great place for breakfast  The Breakfast Club in Artillery Lane, loved the food and the atmosphere, a mix of city workers and builders, in a retro setting.  The first evening we met up with friends and had dinner at The Flat Iron in Curtain Road, amazing steak, dripping chips, and creamed spinach, followed by caramel mousse and sea salt. The next day, a little bit of shopping, a visit to the National Portrait Gallery and then more dining with friends at The Bike Shed in Old Street. Home for a rest!

And because life's not all about gadding around cities (unfortunately) I've also been hard at work starting on a new range of dresses and bags.

And using up all that spare fabric I've been making some big tote bags for ladies.